The bridge maintenance centre, opened in 1980 served as assessment and maintenance centre for numerous construction projects, including 490 bridges on shore and waterborne. Viewed from the Spennrath bridge the building on the Lake Street Island was constructed to look like a ships hull.

Bridge maintenance centre
built 1978-1980 on the Lake Street Island in Moabit
Architect: Rainer G.Rümmler

1978-1980 built as a functional building, the centre was closed in 2006 and stood idle until 2012.Rümmlers love of details as pop architect is reflected in the plans for this building.

The detailed styling of the staircase in the deep inside the building is dominated by a red handrail..

...and with green tiles and over sized letting to indicate the different floors.

under construction - Bridge maintenance centre 1979 on the Lake Street Island in Berlin

2013 - Bridge maintenance centre before extensive reconstruction

2013 bought by the current owner, and in the course of the renovation work converted to a exclusive photo and film studio as well as a events area for art and creative artists.

2013 - one of the factory halls to be renovated for Studio 1

2013 - the east part of the building was almost gutted. The waterside openings were cut into the reinforced concrete.

The colour scheme of the cladding was changed from the original green to light grey. The red windows were retained.

2013 - Studio 1 after the reconstruction work.

2013 - the east side of the bridge maintenance centre after the extensive reconstruction.

2013 - the south west side of the bridge maintenance centre after the extensive reconstruction

Gestaltet wurde die Brückenmeisterei, die in den Jahren 1978 - 1980 auf der Seestraßeninsel in Moabit errichtet wurde, vom Architekten Rainer G. Rümmler der bis 1994 als Leiter derEntwurfsabteilung und Baudirektor der Senatsbauverwaltung Berlin tätig war. Von Mitte der 1960er bis Mitte der 1990er Jahre zeichnete dieser Architekt ebenfalls für die Gestaltung annähernd aller neu erbauten U-Bahnhöfe in Berlin verantwortlich. Neben diesen U-Bahnhöfen entwarf der Architekt u.a. auch die Feuerwachen in Kladow und Wannsee sowie die heute unter Denkmalschutz stehende Raststätte Dreilinden die in die Stilrichtung Poparchitektur eingeordnet wird.

Rainer G.Rümmler - Underground station Adenauerplatz,
opened 28th April 1978.

The bridge maintenance centre was built and designed between 1978-1980 on the Lake Street Island in Moabit by the architect Rainer G.Rümmler who was employed, until 1994, as the head of the design department and director of the Senats building authority in Berlin. From the mid 1960's to the mid 1990's this architect was responsible for the design of almost all the underground stations in Berlin. In addition to the underground stations this architect designed among other buildings the fire stations in Kladow and Wannsee as well as the ,now under preservation, service area at Dreilinden, all of which are classified to this Poparchitecture design.

Rainer G.Rümmler - Underground station Siemensdamm,
opened 1st October 1980

Rainer G.Rümmler - Underground station Fehrbelliner Platz,
opened 29th January 1971

Rainer G.Rümmler differed from his predecessors in that his underground stations were not simply functional buildings, but to be seen as unique artworks, which are distinguished through attractive colourful accents and materials on the surface. He wanted to relate the colours and forms of the surroundings with each individual station, in which he definitely succeeded.

With the "Dreilinden " building, built from 168-1973 ( former Checkpoint Bravo) Rümmler built a monument and a masterpiece of the Pop architecture.

Rainer G. Rümmler
02.07.1929 - 16.06.2004

It remains a mystery, why there is still no literature about this exceptional representative of the 70's Pop Architecture. Rümmler, was in his time, way in advance and deserves every appreciation. Some of his extraordinary buildings are sometimes criticised, (which is quite normal in architecture circles ) but Rümmler always stood up for his own work. On the 16th May 2004 Rümmler died at the age of 74 in Berlin. He was buried in the "In den Kisseln" cemetery in Berlin-Spandau